Our Mission Is To Provide Financial Support to Safe Houses Across America to Ensure the Safety and Well Being of Victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault 

As a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault, Sarah Norwood understands first hand the addictive cycle of violence and the dangers that come with trying to leave an abuser. This is why Sarah has dedicated her life's work to helping to keep men, women, and children of intimate partner violence and sexual assault- healthy and SAFE. Sarah founded the non-profit, Sarah's Safe Houses, which will provide financial assistance to shelters across America.

Unless you have been a victim of domestic violence, it is very difficult to understand the humiliation, hopelessness, fear, and manipulation that comes with an abusive relationship. It is a game of power and control, weathered with intense highs and devastating lows.  It takes COURAGE just to escape, let alone heal from emotional, physical, or sexual trauma.

It is important for individuals that decide to leave to have somewhere to go that can provide ALL of the necessary support and critical resources required to make a major life change. Safe houses offer essential supplies and provide immediate support and relief. This allows survivors to focus on healing themselves instead of everyday life stressors.

Sarah's greatest HOPE is to provide Safe Houses with financial donations to ensure quality care and safety to individuals brave enough to leave, freeing themselves from a horrific life of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. YOU can be a part of someone's success story! Thank you!

Sarah Norwood is an Shamanic Soul Guide, Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Reiki Master at Shamanic Mountain Healing. She works with victims and survivors every day, utilizing powerful energy to help heal them at a Soul level so that they can move forward to live their BEST LIVES! Sarah lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her husband and two children.

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